Success is not final,

failure is not fatal:

it is the


to continue

that counts.

Winston Churchill


Taken by Tyler Tucker

Flat Joe

Created by Tyler Tucker Short fun and cr...


Taken by Tyler Tucker

I am not
I am just not
Salvador Dali

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Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting TylerQTucker.com

I am a ECPI graduate, I graduated with an Associates in Web Design and Development.

After a few internships here and there I decided I wanted to do more than code and I was always interested in Photography and Video Editing so I said “WHY NOT?!”

I have been in the industry for about a year now and I am also a member of the Virginia Production Alliance. I am still learning everyday and am constantly trying to improve my work. Please feel free to contact me and leave comments etc.

I have done work for

-Creative Mortgage

-Lexus of Richmond

-Disco Sports


-Street Art Festival (RVA)

-Hamilton Glass

-TC Artworks

-G.O.A.L. Performance


and more!

Please take a moment to look over my portfolio and leave some feedback! I’m always looking to improve!

The true sign of intelligence

is not knowledge

but imagination.

Albert Einstein

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